sTARTUp Day is the most startup-minded business festival, bringing together startups, traditional entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and students. The aim of the event is to connect like-minded people and celebrate entrepreneurship in the smart city of Tartu.

sTARTUp Day 2024 is a three-day business festival with a marvelous stage program, effective matchmaking, hands-on seminars, a demo area full of innovation, and vibrant side events. The inspirational-educational program consisted of various topics – from mental health to space tech, founder stories to aviation, and deeptech to the creative economy.

We claim to be the most startup-minded business festival, but what does that mean? In short, it's a way of thinking. You don't need to be a startup to have a startup mindset! It's about focusing on growth, working smart, not hard, having a bias towards action, and perhaps most importantly, being adaptable in situations of uncertainty. Read more here

In 2023, sTARTUp Day took place for the seventh time, bringing together over 150 world-class speakers, 264 startups, 230 investors, and 3200 attendees from 45 different countries all over the world. It’s a community-organized festival, organized by the city of Tartu, the University of Tartu, Tartu Science Park, Contriber, Tartu Biotechnology Park, Tartu Business Advisory Services, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Fractory, and Swedbank.

The international activities of sTARTUp Day 2024 introducing Tartu and Estonia as attractive tourism destinations for business and networking are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (30 000 euros for 1 event). 

We expect the participants of sTARTUp Day 2024 to feel inspired and have a better knowledge of building a business, and more companies to be started both in Tartu and in Estonia as a whole. In addition to that, sTARTUp Day 2024 will likely increase the number of tourists and brand Tartu as one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the region.

Take a look at the sTARTUp Day 2023 a full aftermovie: