Networking is usually #1 on everyone's business event goals. Or at least it should be! Everyone is all in one place, so there's no better place to network than at a business fest.
To make meeting the right contacts from a sea of people easier, sTARTUp Day uses Brella's AI-powered matchmaking. On there, you can connect with startups, investors, executives, speakers, and visitors who match your profile. Whether you just want to chat, find an investment, recruit talented people, or sell a service – this is the place to do so! 

In 2023 we had 1612 meetings and 7626 chat messages.

How does Matchmaking work?

1. Check your mail for an invitation
An invitation to join the event through Brella will be sent to your e-mail. Investors, executives, and startups can expect the invitation two weeks before the event, and visitor ticket holders can look out for it 3 days before the festival kicks off. 

2. Join the platform and create your profile
We have a detailed and thorough list of interests relevant to you and the industry at large. Choose the interests that accurately reflect your own, and choose your event goals: networking, buying or offering a product/service, recruitment, or investment. These provide the AI-powered algorithm with the best information.

3. Book a meeting with your first match
Once you complete your profile, you’ll see your recommended matches right away. Select a profile, choose an available time, and send a meeting request to start the discussion.

We've added tons of topics so you could filter people based on:

⚡️ functional expertise (ask for or offer expertise in biz dev, UX/UI, marketing, etc);

⚡️ type of attendee (your ticket type and some more specific options);

⚡️ program track interests (share thoughts about stage talks or find people with similar interests);

⚡️ tech knowledge (ask for or offer expertise in AI, big data, blockchain, IoT, etc);

⚡️ investment rounds in interest (offering or looking for);

⚡️ startup stage (your startup's stage or interest towards said stage).

4. Show up on the event day for amazing content and relevant 1:1 meetings!
Fill your schedule with relevant 1:1 meetings and maximize your valuable time at sTARTUp Day!
sTARTUp Day is a great event for 1-on-1 meetings. Big enough to find the people of interest, but not too big to get lost in the crowd.
– Marek Kiisa, Parter at BaltCap Growth Fund

Where will you meet?

You'll be assigned a table number in the matchmaking area. All you have to do is show up at the right table at the right time!

Some tips for securing the best meetings

⚡️ Log in as soon as matchmaking opens for your ticket. Get in there when everyone's calendars are still free!
⚡️ Fill in your profile & add an introduction. That will make you seem more approachable.
⚡️ Take some time to add all of your interests. You're going to match with people based on this.
⚡️ Actively request meetings. Be proactive!
⚡️ People are more likely to accept a meeting if they know why you want to meet them. Leave them a note.
⚡️ Don't send the same sales pitch to all participants. Personalize it for everyone you want a meeting with.

Get the Brella app

  • Download the app from Google Play - HERE

  • Download the app from App Store - HERE

After you get your first meeting done, all you're going to want to do is meet people!