sTARTUp Day invites you to become a part of the biggest business festival in the Baltics by becoming one of the behind-the-scenes wizards.

Volunteers are the face of sTARTUp Day. In 2023, we had about 120 bright-eyed volunteers that made the business festival as amazing as it was and this year we have even bigger and more exciting plans which means we really need your help to pull it all together.

As a sTARTUp Day volunteer, you’re going to meet a lot of interesting, like-minded people. The best volunteers will not go unnoticed, giving you the possibility to take on more responsibility over the next years. Most of our core team members, for example, our Head Organizer Mart started out as volunteers.

People were very open, friendly and you could feel the whole team focusing on the goal to carry the event out successfully. sTARTUp Day is a perfect place where to learn. These experiences and acquired skills will help you in the future.

Throughout the three-day festival, we have various tasks that we need volunteer help with. 

There’s definitely something for everyone: 

Ϟ Wardrobe and registration team 

Ϟ Prep

Ϟ Logistics

Ϟ Environmental

Ϟ Parties

Ϟ Communications

Ϟ Stage teams

Ϟ Side-events

… and so much more

Find more detailed information here.

Read about the experiences of former and current volunteers: Volunteering at sTARTUp Day ‒ high energy, awesome people, and new skills.