Mari-Ly Klaats from Auve Tech

In this episode, we talk to Mari-Ly Klaats, COO and Board Member of Auve Tech, about the future of transport, autonomous vehicles and startup life in general.
Auve Tech is a young Estonian startup that develops and operates autonomous vehicles and transportation systems. Born out of a student project, the company now employs a team of 50+ and has successfully deployed its vehicles on the European roads.

Among other things, you'll hear:
-How does the future of urban transport look like and how to make our cities greener?
-Where do autonomous first and last-mile (or only-mile) vehicles fit in in this puzzle?
-Which struggles has Auve Tech faced evolving from a student project into a company that shapes the future of transport?
-How it feels like to be the only girl among male engineering students?
-Why it's important to get your thoughts off work every now and then?
-Which far-away countries Mari-Ly has previously lived in?

The podcast is hosted by Marleen Aasa and Otto Oliver Olgo.

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