Märt-Erik Martens from Gelatex

In this episode, we talk to Märt-Erik Martens, CEO and Co-Founder of Gelatex, a startup on a mission to bring down the cost of nanofibrous material used in cultured meat production, wound care and other industries.

Among other things, Märt-Erik will answer the following questions:

  • What are nanofibers? 
  • How does Gelatex manage to reduce the cost of nanofibrous scaffolding used for cultured meat production and wound care by a whopping 90%?
  • What is the benefit of participating in accelerators, such as Climate-KIC and Techstars?
  • What type of leader is Märt-Erik?
  • How to achieve a work-life balance in the fast-paced startup world?
  • Is lab-grown meat suitable for vegans?
The podcast is hosted by Marleen Aasa and Otto Oliver Olgo.

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