Martin Vares from Fractory

This time, we talk to Martin Vares, CEO and Co-Founder of Fractory about startup life, engineering, sustainability, and many other topics.

Martin Vares started the cloud manufacturing platform Fractory as a 24-year-old mechanical engineer frustrated with how time-consuming and manual the outsourcing process in the manufacturing sector was. Fast-forward six years and Fractory has a team of 70+ in Estonia, the UK and soon in the US. 

Listen to the podcast to learn:
-How Fractory is creating an information revolution in the manufacturing sector;
-Which mistakes the team has made when expanding and which big market they will open next?
-Why Fractory decided to team up with sTARTUp Day as one of the co-organizers of the sTARTUp Day festival;
-Which question every entrepreneur should ask themselves to make the world a better place;
-Why founders should educate themselves on psychology and mental health topics;

-Which destination Martin would choose for a honeymoon trip.

The podcast is hosted by Marleen Aasa and Otto Oliver Olgo.

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