The biggest business festival in Estonia sTARTUp Day – From Zero to Hero!

The idea for sTARTUp Day was born just a year ago. Now we can proudly say that we are the biggest business festival not only in Estonia, but in the Baltic States! sTARTUp Day 2016 had 2800 enthusiastic participants, 60 amazing speakers and thousands of exiting ideas. And we are going to do it again on the 8th of December. It’s going to be HUGE!

The theme of sTARTUp Day 2017 is "From Zero to Hero", an intriguing topic with lots of keynote stories, vital skillsets, exiting workshops, open networking and the best pitches. Every one of us can become a hero and our aim is to inspire you to take matters into your own hands and guide yourself to success – in business, school or any other aspect of your life. 

This year AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu is going to host us. This means that we are going to take the festivality onto another level. There will be more music, theatre, games and side events to take care of the fun. We already have confirmed Peter Kentie to speak about branding and design, Andrus Purde to tell Pipedrives’ story to success and Brent Comstock to inspire students to become hard core entrepreneurs. 

sTARTUp Day 2017 main organising partners are University of Tartu, City of Tartu and the sTARTUp Community. Our supporting partners are Tartu Science Park, Tartu Business Advisory Services, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Tartu Biotechnology Park, University of Tartu Idea Lab, Ole Rohkem., Contriber, sTARTUp Hub, Spark Hub, Buildit, Convertal, Mooncascade.

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