What do teens and your future employees really want? Wise shares 3 key takeaways from the latest survey

Wise has been keeping a close eye on the youth for years now and has asked Kantar Emor to survey teens aged 16-19 living in Estonia to map their career aspirations. If you'd like to know what today’s youngsters want to do with their lives and what they expect of their future employer, then read on. This might interest you.
This article was written by Kristi Rebane from Wise.

Firstly, every third teen wants to work in a tech or startup company.

Great news for the tech circles! In addition, although interest in tech education declined last year, it is on the rise again this year, especially in rural areas. Nearly a quarter of teens are interested in going to study some tech-related subject, which in the countryside has increased from 23% to 36%.

And overall, over a third or 34% wish to end up working in a startup or a tech company.

On a slightly more bitter note, interest in technology continues to be higher among men. More than a third (36%) of young men are interested in studying a technological field, but only 11% of young women.

Lars Trunin, Product Manager at Wise encourages companies to take action: "The widespread interest in technology among youngsters is encouraging, but the results of the survey also show issues that need to be actively addressed. One of the problems across the sector is the under-representation of women in technical roles. To change this, we need to focus on inclusive education and create more opportunities in the world of technology for girls.”

Secondly, continuing on entrepreneurialism, the research shows youngsters aspire to become founders. Almost every second teen wants to start their own business.

Youngsters are attracted to entrepreneurial careers because of the flexibility of working hours, which is considered very important by 61% of respondents. Creative freedom is almost as important with 58%.

To Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of Wise, the future looks promising: "Youngsters are motivated to tackle social and environmental problems in society. They use more and more sustainable solutions and technology, without forgetting to focus on their customers.” Wise just wrapped up its 5th pan-European 20 Under 20 competition and among this year's finalists are four Estonian entrepreneurs who want to make our everyday lives easier with environmentally friendly and smart products. “It's encouraging to see that a fifth of the 20 Under 20 finalists are from Estonia. The local start-up scene truly inspires youngsters to start their own ventures,” adds Hinrikus.

And last but not least, social responsibility is a must.

If you wish to hit the trend and make sure your job offer matches the next generation’s career expectations, make sure you consider the environment at every step of the way and are an active member of your community. Call it CSR for corporate social responsibility or ESI for environmental and social impact, Wise’s survey shows that when it comes to choosing a job, over half (57%) of 16-19-year-olds prefer to work in a company where they can contribute to mitigating climate change and address societal challenges.

So, how is it looking? Are you ready to welcome the next gen of tech talent in your company?

@ sTARTUp Day

Wise has partnered up with sTARTUp Day to power the Youth Area and make sure the festival's younger audience has a tailored program with exciting workshops and talks waiting for them, including Wise’s product-building workshop to engage their entrepreneurial spirit. The program is open for all startup-minded teens and especially welcomes girls to join the activities. 

Check out the Youth Area program here.

See the full results of the survey here. The survey was carried out by Kantar Emor in spring 2022 among 344 youngsters aged 16-19.

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